Friday, October 31, 2014

This is Lebanon's Most Exciting Hit-Maker, @OstaNaji Picks Winners!

I like Naji Osta, Roa likes Naji Osta, Rafat likes Naji Osta--I guess my family like his style of music and his choices of songs. He is a hip Lebanese pop star who releases a new song about every three months. His voice is sweet without being too much so, he is loud, but not something that can be annoying. He is a one man team, and a guy who spends most of his time working on his music, and not on being a celebrity. He does have the right balance in music, in life and in everything in between.

His new single finds a really creative way to tell someone that they are special..... "I now agree that my life begins, I have the right to reach a 100 years with you" In Arabic it makes so much more sense. He is a guy who is young, charming and energizing....He is the romantic sound that sticks around...really the best of Lebanese pop is what Naji releases. He always incorporates folkloric local beat, but the music is so much more than being a local favorite.

His style of songs begin slow, then pick up and run really fast through a song. His voice works well for Lebanese Mawal  I do not know how he makes it work, but he does and he seems to have many friends in the biz. Danny Helu mixed and produced, Mounir Bou Assaf composed and we all win. It makes sense why he is one of the busiest young artists who are as popular outside Lebanon as inside her.

I really enjoy his songs and wish to see him in a live concert one day, he knows how to fire up a party and keep the surprises and hits coming.

Naji Osta- Men 7a2i 2014 / ناجي اسطا - من حقّي

The Verstile Alaa Wardi Invades Turkey @AlaaWardi @tarkan

The internet boy, the first viral video guy in the Middle East strikes again with a new acoustic song. Alaa Wardi sang in Arabic at first, then English, Hindi followed suit and now he goes for Turkish. Wardi is doing a cover for a Turkish hit by the prince of pop Tarkan.

It's a typical Wardi fashion, all sounds made by voice, mouth and body only! Of course they were all processed to reach their best quality, but no musical instruments were used. Some company need to sign Alaa Wardi and start making money off his talent. It's all in the marketing. Alaa is a celebrity and has traveled around the world doing a number of concerts and engagements.

I love his cover, but what surprises him his vocal performance and his command of the Turkish language. It flows well, and sounds authentic with a lot of passion.

His choice is Şıkıdım, check it out...I hope Tarkan finds this video helpful in spreading his good name. Alaa is branching out from Arabia into new territories--which is clever as the internet knows no boundaries.

Tarkan - Şıkıdım (Cover by Alaa Wardi)

Family Court Forces Playboy Ahmed Ezz To Take DNA Test

Finally, it took them a year to issue this ruling by an Egyptian court in the city of Nasir has ruled that Egyptian actor Ahmed Ezz must submit to a DNA test to decide weather he is the father of the two lovely twins whose mother is actress Zeina.

For a long time now, Zeina has been making a claim that the handsome heartthrob is the father of her twins who were born in the States more than a year ago. Shit face Ahmed Ezz is not man enough to admit that they are his children indeed. He talked publicly about this and so far has refused to take the paternity test.

Now, we do not know what will come out of this, but whatever happens Ezz would lose. It's awkward really--he is either saying that Zeina the mother of his children is a whore, or that he does not want kids--flashback they are already here. If he knew he was right, why would he not take the test? Why would he here a shark attorney that has been attacking Ms. Zeina?

The next hearing is set for January 15th, 2015, by then the DNA test would have been conducted. Zeina is thrilled with this ruling, on her Instagram, she shared a verse from the Quran. "I am grateful to God, everyone congratulate me and thank you all for standing by my side,."

The actress claims that Ezz was overjoyed when they found out she was pregnant with his twins. That’s when they apparently agreed to officially and publicly tie the knot, but Ezz backed out from the idea later. Ahmed denies the twins are his.

It’s difficult to know who to trust in this two-sided baby drama, since Zeina’s lawyer, Assem Qandil, told Al Hayat TV that Ezz had secretly married to Egyptian singer Angham years ago, something that Ezz had also denied at the time.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Tamer Hosny Is The Butt of Army Jokes #Egypt @tamerhosny


Poor Tamer Hosny, the internet seems to love making fun of him. After the tragic events in the Sinai and the reported death of Egyptian soldiers. The hit-maker Tamer Hosny wrote some poetic lines for the them, and he dubbed himself as a fierce "soldier" I do not fear death...his lines read.

But the internet is not letting us forget that Tamer Hosny forged official documents to try to get out of his army service. He was eventually caught and sentenced to prion--he did serve time for dodging the draft. Military service is mandatory in Egypt.

Many sarcastic comments poured in,

  1. You talk about the army, and you avoided serving in it
  2. I am one who forged official papers to run away from the army, I am Tamer Hosny
  3. If you are a soldier, why would you try to dodge serving in it?
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 Tamer Hosny Ft Shaggy - Smile / كليب تامر حسني و شاجي