Monday, September 22, 2014

Here's The Happiest Fall Song By Jad Khalife " Jamalo"

I like happy songs that have a dance beat from a first-rate charm riddled honey voiced Jad Khalife. The song is cool because it talks about having a headache and taking a pill. Jad sounds a lot like someone we really loved and truly missed. He sounds like a younger version of Fadel Shaker....the sweet romantic manly dude...

The guy who your mother, your grandma and your own sister like him, something of a wholesome charm with an innocent  sex appeal. He sounds a good hit here and stuck to his guns. I am sure he is the place of envy for many of his peers in Lebanon.

Does that energy not get you? Does this song not make you want to dance? It makes eeverythingbetter really. His song travels well as it just glows and screams happy...get to the dance floor

جاد خليفة - جمالو jad khalife - jamalo 2014

Aljazeera 2 Movie Trailer Will Blow Your Mind Ahmed El Sakka vs. And Hind Sabri (Video)

Here's an Egyptian movie that will blow you away. We have yet to see the film, but the trailer is promising so much firepower and high-caliber acting from the talented Ahmed El sakka and the delightful and fiery Hind Sabri. For a sequel this might be even better than the original....the film picks up where the first one left off. Ahmed El Sakka now a free man returns to run his town once again, only to find it headed by Hind Sabri-his previous love flame.

The duo is a powerhouse in acting and in fan base. They get helped for a large supporting cast Khalid El sawy and Nidal El Shafie This is a serious movie with a serious budget and people writers who take their job seriously. And do not get me started on the action, Egyptian movies are light years ahead of where theuy used to be just ten years ago.

The guns, the mortar shells, explosions and all that stuff seems all too real. There is so much energy, rivalry, plot outfits and all a classic film has. Locations are just right and tells us what Egyptian cinema is capable of pulling if the money and the talents lined up. Epic is the one word that comes to mine 
تريلر فيلم الجزيرة 2 حصريا من موبينيل

The Electrifying Bosy In "Omar and Salwa" Movie And Shaabi Music (Video)

Egypt's alternative pop scene (Sha'abi) music is doing way better than the other pop music. Largely becaseu poor people hold less jobs or work harder and when they party they party harder. So every box office success in today's Egypt feels the urge to feature a song or two of that Sha'abi style.

Luckily, the diva of this genre is a lady with the name Bosy, she really has a sweet and a strong voice, it's just the lyrics she sings that may rub certain people the wrong way. also that men dancing offends some people in Egypt, not the dancing per se, but that these home boys are really shaking it. In a way in Egypt there are people who listen to this music ironically. For me, I may like the song but those around me may puke fun of me for it. Think about how some white folks feel about rap music in its early days.

This is a very local track...and the movie that will have this song is called "Omar and Salwa" romantic story in the slums of Egypt.

 اغنية محمود اية دة يا محمود / فيلم عمر وسلوي / فيلم عيد الاضحي  2014

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Bizarre!The King of Pop Amr Diab Sues One of His Fans

Strange times, first there was a Amr Diab album, and it was meant to release the second weak of September. Then the albums promotion and markting campigh released two or three songs form the album to get the buzz started. But all of sudden, the entire album leaked to the internet and Rotana--the producer has to rush copies into the market to beat the pirated copy.

Now we learn, thanks to these guys here the hit-maker is suing one of his fans for the alleged leaked copy. His attorney Hossam Lutfi filed an official complaint on the 18th of Sept in a local police station against "Islam Rizo" accusing him of copy rights infringement. The complains accuses Mr. Rizo of causing some serious monetary damage to the artist. The kicker Rizo is a big fan of

Why would a fan have access to an advanced copy of the album?  Amr Diab is a smart guy, sure he knows if oyu make it easy for people to steal or download your album for free, they would. No need to pick on some guy...go after the websites where your album is being shared....I name Arabseed, Arablionz, Egyfire, Mazoka2day, Filmey...etc.

Amr Diab - Hala Feb 2014 Full Concert (HD) عمرو دياب - حفل هلا فبراير ٢٠١٤