Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Meet Mohamed Mohsen, The Biggest Egyptian Star On SoundCloud

I have written about indie artist Mohamed Mohsen few times before, but this time, I write about him in the context of the medium he choses for his songs.  This Egyptian singer and composer with an authentic voice from the streets of Cairo. He can make his voice to fit any topic and melody he is working with. Mohsen's choice of unique music and lyrics highlights his deep belief in preserving the Egyptian culture.

Many admire his innovative covers for masterpieces of great musicians; the Egyptian "artist of the people", Sayed Darwish, and Mohammed Abdel-Wahab known as the "musician for all generations". Not bad for a young artist whose career and journey began in "Tahrir Square" where his voice strikes a chord with his lovers of memories of the January 25th revolution. Mohsen released his first album "Al-Laf fe Shawre'ek" in January 2012 in which he reflected the reality of Egyptians' everyday life. The album won the love and admiration of his fans and critics and envy of his peers.

He is an award-winning artist. But also before landing on music, his first acting and drama and theatre experience though his performance in the play "Hekayet elnas fe thawret 1919" on “National Theatre” and the series "Zay ElWard" which was presented in Ramadan 2012, in which he offered his fans several romantic songs which are among his hits till the present day.

Among his proud moments performed in a concert in Lebanon alongside legendary activist turned musician Marcel Khalifa.

Mohsen shares his songs on his Sound Cloud profile page, where you hit one song and you never know where the next song is coming from. This is like playing a game that allows you to explore new tracks and travel to new destinations.

Find him here


Abou Elleef Gets Humiliated, Losts His Cool (Video)

When you are a big star, you expect people to treat you with respect and courtesy. At least, you do not want them to disrespect you. Abou Elleef, the popular hairy Sha'abi/pop artist was at weddings in Cairo last night and he was being cool and cute, up to the point when someone saw him trying to slide on the table...that jerk called him with a name like Abou Elleef you boy....as a way to demean him.

Abou Elleef did not appreciate it and went back wanting a fight. He called out that jerk for his impoliticness and almost got in a hand fight with him. I do not know what Abou Elleef was trying to accomplish with this move, but then he was having none of it and the shouting match started....I could care less for either parties, but this is part of the loss of respect of common courtesy.

Afterall this wedding is very local and some people who have never seen a celebrity in their lives were present. Lots of cameras and journalists were in the wedding hall as well.

خناقة بين ابو الليف والمعازيم فى فرح مى مكساب بسبب فعله حركة غريبة

Ramy Ayach's Good Deed, Fifty Scholarships Concert

Ramy Ayach got married, few days later he went hunting with his buddies, then now he is back in action with a concert. The concert has a feel-good, volunteers and artists took over a concert fundraiser, where Ramy sang for free and the money was used to educate and provide supplies for 50 students. I like this, it helps those who do not have the means.

The name of the charity is named after Ramy Aycah, ""Ayach Childhood:, Sarah Hany came to party with them, and she sang and so did Nadir Al athat, I like when artist do stuff fro free, then boast about it and tell us they just did something nice. This was some nice party for friends, and it looks like Ms. Ayach stepped in the spotlight.

People came to have a good time, party and do something good and rewarding for those 50 students. Look bless their hearts for doing this, but think about the cost for themselves, nothing, they came, they had a good time and looked good. Now, how paid for the other costs? the room setup? the labor, and the food? It was not donated or was it?

رامي عيّاش يساعد 50 طالباً لإكمال دراستهم

Monday, January 26, 2015

Old Fart Mohamed El Helw Sings A Love Song For The Thuggish #Egypt Police

In the 80s, there was a big artist that excited Arabia and his name was Mohamed El Helw, he sang love songs in a very Egyptian way and simple way. But the 90s came and he did not transition well and his name faded away.

Then two years ago he was sentenced on charges of fraud and conspiracy in a Egyptian court. He did head the musician guild briefly before he was let go. So, you know the guy us not the best moral character in the world. So few hours after the ruthless Egyptian police have gunned down 20 people in cold blood. What does Mohamed El Helw  do?

Nothing, but a new song by him has been released and the song is salting the police, but fails to mention the people who are Egypt's biggest asset. The song only talks about the sacrifices of the police, and overlooks the sacrifices of the people. There is a huge disconnect between the way the police sees itself and the way they conduct themselves.

Right now, the police in that country as popular as Ebola, so the song's timing is questionable, plus the police paid him for this weak song, and their logo comes right before the song plays. So in a nutshell, this is a government that robs the poor and takes their money to make songs about how cool they are. But wait, the police does murder people. Just ask Shaima Al Sabbagh.

But politics aside, this song and music video are so cheap, it makes it easy to point to its shortcoming. I think the artist is doing this song ion the hopes, he won't have to serve jail time for his crimes.

Taheya wagbh - Mohamed El Helw تحية واجبة - محمد الحلو