Monday, October 20, 2014

The Shiny Romance Of Ahmed Ezzat In "Faino Ya Lail"

Star Academy is singing his night away as he searched for his loved one. the lovable and confident Ahmed Ezzat is out with anew single that reminds his fans he is still doing music. His voice lands right away in my good side, and the music here serves him very well.

It's a romantic song about a love that is going strong, despite the distance--so Ahmed Ezzat is looking to make something fresh--no canned. He sounds as good as he has ever sounded. He is still a winner and singles releases seem to be his calling card. He has already released half a dozen of them in the past three years.

أحمد عزت - فينه يا ليل | Ahmed Ezzat - Faino Ya Lail

أحمد عزت - فيْنُه يَا ليّلْ - Ahmed Ezzat - Faino Ya Laiyl
كلمات: محمود هلال - lyrics: Mahmod Helal
ألحان: كريم بغدادي - composer: Karim Boghdady
توزيع: أسامة سامي - Arranger: Osama Samy
جيتارات: شريف سعيد - Guitars: Sherif Ahmed
كلارنيت: عبد الله فاروق - Clarinet: Abdulah Farouq Nassar
هندسة صوتية و مكساج: ماهر صلاح - Sound Engineer & Mix: Maher Salah
تصوير: كريم سويدان - Photography: Karem Swedan
تصميم الغلاف: علياء حمدي - Designer: Alyaa Hamdi
إدارة مواقع التواصل الإجتماعي: ممدوح - مازن - Social Media Manger: Mamdouh - Mazen

Saudi Songstress Shoots Her Music Video In New York, Not Riyadh

At first she was a pop artist from the Gulf, but now she is a fashion designer who her own line. Here's Waed taking New York by storm where she filmed her latest music video using only her fashions. I admire her bold choices of fashion, and lipsticks. You may not know this but Waed opened a boutique in the heart of Beirut. There's always room space for talents from the world.

Waed is no different she brings her excitement and her moves to the city that never sleeps.  I like the new song, this is Waed making good on her promise to make more songs. Waed hails from Saudi Arabia and she has been singing professionally for 15 years. This song says "In Arabic" which to say "To be perfectly clear.." the dialect is Moroccan and the guy who did the music is none but the UAE's very own Fayez Al Said. I think Waad is cool, and all those Saudi men can hit the road, leave her alone.

Bel 3araby Official Music Video - فيديو كليب) وعد - بالعربي)

Meet The Mean Lebanese Dancer On Dancing With The Stars

She is one of the latest pop sensation who had a n album last year after four singles that generated buzz for this young songstress. Since she is riding a high wave, she took a stint at the Lebanese version of Dancing With The Stars--she is a dazzling dancer with so much flexibility and smooth moves.

She held a concert at home and spoke to the press about how she wants no one to win the title of Dancing With The Stars other than her. She is a young lady with a lot going right for her, and I know she is all about entertainment. I know Naya is the biggest participant on the show and the news follows her.

Watch her talk to the interviewer talking about her music as a fun thing for her--it's not work. Now she is working on a new single and a music video. I think the interviewer got her upset but she tried to keep her cool, I hope she win the title. But she actually didn't.....she has a concert in Qatar and one in Lebanon. I like how she is not thinking to act, these hard to come by.

Naya - " Dancing With Stars " نايا في حفل ناجح و " ما بدي حدى غيري ينجح في

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Coolest Music Video! Ana Rage3 - Tamer Ashour انا راجع - تامر عاشور

My favorite pop god-maker Tamer Ashour is looking fresh and cool as he has ever been. The new music video makes all the guys want to be him, and all the ladies want to be with he sounds like the perfect man. Looking good, well-dressed, dreamy, and does whatever the mood strikes. Tamer Ashour made a lot of sick he has worked on himself and it shows he is now comfortable dancing.

The model does a good job, and the song is so exciting. I am happy he released this new music video, and the album is following soon. The Mercedes Benz is added value. The song feels cool and looks cool...some tracks you want people to know you are listening to. This song pulls a magic trick...and makes Tamer Ashour the singer that all concerts should be chasing him.

Something about his jeans, tee and shoes make him look good, while not trying to hard to impress. The lyrics thermoses carry a certain street cred. The Fesba, shades, and yellow shirt are simple. The lighting, coloring and set serve the clip well. Tamer broke from his mold and broke out here for the first time where he seems loose.

You’re out with your friends having the TIME. OF. YOUR. LIFE tearing it up on the dance floor. You go to take your seat at the bar for a much needed dance break, when all of a sudden you hear it - the song you can’t resist. The song you just HAVE to dance to. Even though your feet are blistered and bleeding and that one creepy guy keeps trying to rub his junk on you, you HAVE to dance. You really have no choice in the matter.

Ana Rage3 - Tamer Ashour انا راجع - تامر عاشور

▶ Title: Ana Rage3 اسم الاغنية :انا راجع
▶ Artist: Tamer Ashour اسم الفنان: تامر عاشور
▶ Album: Aesht Maak Hekayat اسم الالبوم: عشت معاك حكايات
▶ Lyrics: Khaled Tag Eldeen كلمات: خالد تاج الدين
▶ Composition: Islam Zaki الحان : اسلام زكى
▶ Music Arrangement: Adel Haqy - توزيع: عادل حقي