Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I Chose A Tent Over Your Palace "Lahjor Gasrak" Song

This is a very old song that the original artists is not even mentioned when we hear it. But as far as I can tell this artist sang it first. the song is about a love that has ceased to's so bad that one lover is willing to abandon the comfortable living of a palace to go back into the desert living in a tent.

George Wassouf has sang this song in few of his performances, and live this song takes a different life. Jordan seems to be the place where this songs is requested. It's a folksy song, Arabs like this song it reminds them of the past--some even have lived this style of living. This is a good song with simple lyrics that talk about love and the lack of it.

جورج وسوف - لهجر قصرك George Wassouf - Lahjor Gasrak

George Wassouf 2011 Jarash Festival - Lahjour Gasrak جورج وسوف - لهجر قصرك

Modest Yet Sexy! Hossam Habib - Betwhashny / Ma'adia Movie

The cool thing about musicians who can sing is that they have longevity, they can always be busy working on songs their own or for others. Hossam Habib is one of these talents, and he is finishing his album--in fact it has been done for years but blame the production companies. However, before the release of the album, one single made it out about two months ago, and now the same song is being using to market a new romantic film.

The hook, the leading lady is wearing a head cover and rocking it. Tunisian actress is making the look look natural and she is dazzling with that modest look. The song is about yearning for that loved one to the degree that one cannot help but break in tears. I did not fall in love with this song since it's a little bit out of my comfort zone, but now with the clip, I found one more reason to love it. Dura plays the salt of this earth all-Egyptian character. This makes her the second Tunisian actress to wear the head cover for a film--following the footsteps of Hind Sabry in Asmaa.

This feels like an intimate film, and the presence of the indie star Hany Adel brings a whole new demographics of young and brainy movie-goers. Mai Selim, the Jordanian songstress also stars in the flick. The movie is about these small towns around the Nile that one can only get it using the ferry.

 Hossam Habib - Betwhashny / Ma'adia Movie | حسام حبيب - بتوحشنى / فيلم المعدية

WATCH: Mesut Kurtis - Convey My Greetings (Waddili) | Live in #Bosnia

Watching these nut-bags who claim Islam as a religion when they are murdering innocent people, it gross. It's refreshing to see another face of Islam with Mesut Kurtis, the rock star who has been singing traditional Islamic songs around the world in such a beautiful way.

The London based artists stopped in Bosnia for a live concert in a packed venue. I love to see none Arabic-speakers excel as they sing in Arabic. This is the quiet man who has been blowing people away with his gracious style, and smooth voice. Even if you do not understand the language, this is still a fun performance to enjoy....thank you and more please...

Mesut Kurtis - Convey My Greetings (Waddili) | Live in Bosnia

Download: Nader Nour 2015 New Album

Singer Nader Nour seems like a great guy, but he might be one of these pop stars whose right place in music has not phased out yet. In other word, in a crowded music scene that makes little money, the winners are the names backed by big name productions.

Luckily though, Nader is able to get a free room to think and to perfect his music. This is what I feel he has just done with the release of his newest album. 12 tracks that took four years of blood and sweat is now out in the market and people are the judges. Nader is better known as a music composer among his peers in pop music. As a singer he has yet to reach the top spot, in Egypt and in few scattered places, he has his fans.

As for the album there are more than a dozen names in music that have collaborated on this album. The release of this album is also the same date his first born, baby girl Lilia.

01 - Easht Leila
02 - Taaba Nafsek Leh
03 - Lea Moamlety
04 - El Nas El Gedaan
05 - Farhet Omry
06 - Metaalaa Bik
07 - Masaala Mahsoma
08 - Kalam Fi El Hob
09 - Esboaa We Zyada
10 - Battalt Atkallem
11 - Oghnya
12 - Fi El Waat El Monaseb

Nader Nour _ 3esht Leila - نادر نور _ عشت ليلة