Monday, November 24, 2014

Half-Song Half-Supplication By Osama Al Safi

The Arabic word Dua'a, is the closest word to supplication, and it goes to describe this upbeat song by Osama Al Safi who is a Muslim munshid (sings with no music). He is native of the United Arab Emirates, an engineer by training. A graduate with a Masters degree in architecture from the University of Sydney.

He recites the Koran, and plays a number of roles in the local municipality of Dubai and he runs a center to help kids read how to recite and memorize the Koran

اللهم ادفع عنا كيد الأعداء إيقاع -Osama Al Safi Tekhayal

World Meets New Pop Sensation Mirva Faour

Mirva Faour is name for a Lebanese artist, she is an accountant by training.She did study music, but she did a number of events in Lebanon, and then she had the guts to release a single and it was a hit on Lebanese radios.By Mirva's words, the song did not leave Lebanon, she chose the song and gave it away to radios, and there was interest she says.

She did sing for the Lebanese community in Africa, she toured few countries and she had a lot of success. She is breaking into the scene, it's crowded times, but the guy who interviews her is the worse he sounds like he is reading off a list.

She self-produces and she is not willing to give away 80 percent of her earning to some greedy company. I like that, and I think she is awesome, but times are tough and music is not making money as much. Concerts are becoming a lot more scarce. This was not a comfortable interview for the artist, it seems she is not relaxed and that interviewer is not very bright.

ميرفا فاعور | Mirva Faour |مقابلة |Interview

Mirva Miyit Darbeh ميرفا مية ضربة

Sunday, November 23, 2014

You Must See Maya Diab's New Music Video - Gatifin #gatifeen @mayadiab

Maya Diab does not go away for very long and she does not let you miss her, this is why you are about to hear from her in about under three months. This time she connects with nature as she pursues loves, she goes back into a community where they like nature, goats, and open fields. Note how the song is in the delightful Bedouin dialect that is understood by the great majority of Arabs.

This is really cool song from Maya, it's different than her night club loud DJ and house songs she has been doing. This song required talent and Maya took the challenge on. The song is about picking fruits, grapes and apples, dates, and pomegranates. She is all energy and going for the natural look.

This looks like hippie/gypsy community and the song has a foreign beat to it, but a likable one. This is a trendy outfit feast. Happy is what this album spills, then that funky groups hit the city with their chicken and the city of Beirut plays along and breaks loose. This is a new milestone for Maya, this is the finest song and coolest pop track from her in the past two years.

If you like Maya Diab, you will love this song and if you hate her, you would consider changing your mind. Maya has came a long way and for the past three years she has shown that she is worthy of being a top pop diva and a socially responsible entertainer.  

Maya Diab - Gatifin [Official Music Video] (2014) / مايا دياب - قاطفين

Directed by: Samir Seryani
Lyrics by: Haytham Tarchich
Composed by: Adel Al Iraqi
Arranged by: Hadi Charara
Mixed and Mastered by: Elie Barbar
Studio Hadi Charara

Saturday, November 22, 2014

WATCH: #زياد_خوري - خلينا نتكتك | Ziad Khoury - Khalina Ntaktik

Ziad Khoury, the Lebanese heartthrob and just nice guy and Arab Idol runner-up is back with a really cool song that shows off why he is famous in the first  place. Ziad has toured the world with his friend and fellow Arab Idol Mohamed Assaf. They duo seem to be the best of friends. And this is not something you see every passing day.

However, this once Ziad Khoury is all on his own, a song with a clever title, gadgets, sweet ride and friends on the road. The song glows happy, but it does not swing in full-speed until Ziad shows us his Mawal skills. He is way good for his age and this is something Lebanese and others appreciate. This is a love song but for those who like fun and games. Ziad deserves to be where he is, I like his style. I did meet him and felt he was genuine and warm. Now he is doing the Debka thing, but not until he won your mind.

Wissam Al Amir the colorful Lebanese singer and composer wrote this song to his buddy and home boy Zaid. I like the sense of party and the dance moves Ziad busts. Well-done team Ziad Khoury. This song allows Ziad to be pretty much anything he wants to be. He won over all demographics with one single--not an easy job.

#زياد_خوري - خلينا نتكتك | Ziad Khoury - Khalina Ntaktik