Thursday, April 17, 2014

Porn Star Haifa Wehbe Movie To Be Banned In #Egypt Halawet Rooh

Every Arab's favorite porn star Haifa Wehbe is finally dealing with reality as her new movie that sort of bombed in theaters has generated a lot of criticism. Not only from film goers, critics, fellow actors, intellects but also from an Egyptian NGO that cares for women and children. Aside from that, Twitter has been leading an attack on the Lebanese temptress, as she has half a dozen hash tags attacking her, the producers and all the actors in the film. You may recall that two actors in the film were talking and joked about how awesome that rape scene with Haifa and how luck the actor was to be raping Haifa--look it up, we blogged about it ten days ago. Plus something about that very ugly producer Sobky who used to be a butcher before he turned into smut film producer.

Other personalities are upset that the film has turned Egypt into a country of hookers, belly dancers, sexually-derived nation that preys on the poor. The head of the Egyptian government decided to pull the film from theaters and re-evaluate it with the oversight body that reviews films in that country. In their press release, they stated not to have seen the film but has heard and seen all the criticism about the film that's making sexual waves in Egypt. However, there are some voices in Egypt that does not defend the film, but defend its right to be shown.  

I do not talk pride in attacking an female entertainer who we have celebrated in the past and called her a clever business woman, we have always been supportive. but this time it's different, she starred in a movie where a little boy is in love with her, and other boys are leering at her and making a lot of sexual references as she dresses, undresses and danced for them. We certainly do not support censorship because it's stupid and can be used to stop certain films from coming into theaters. But this time, the movie seems to have a lot of sexual material that serves nothing to advance the plot....this is nothing but an attempt to make soft-core porn mainstream in Egypt. All people who went to see the film, are also patterns in the crime for enabling such jerks that ruined the public taste and rob children of their innocent years.

Haifa who seems to be spending a great deal of time on a different planet was quoted to have attributed these calls to "Jealousy". Ever since her divorce Haifa seems to have lost her mind, in more than one occasion she has stooped to a new low, like that interview she did and used a numbe rof offensive references and gestures.  

اغنية حلاوة روح - كاملة - من فيلم حلاوة روح - هيفاء وهبي

Hit-Maker @karimmohsen Is Giving The Verstile @MarwaNasrMusic A Vocal Makeover

One of the most hip music composers in Egypt met one of the coolest female vocalists in Egypt and together they seem to be working on a surprise song for the fans. Karim Mohsen has his own music career, but above all he is a composer and a technician who knows how music works with different lyrics. Marwa Nasr is one of the most lovable ladies in the music scene in Egypt.

Marwa is working on a new album and she is seeking some fresh take on her music persona...Karim Mohsen was brought in and he does not disappoint. See a glimpse of the duo working on a new track. I am a big fan, and that built the excitement on the social media. Karim has a true golden touch, I loved what he did on that Asalah song last year.....I know he has a lot of tricks up his sleeves. There is chemistry and dynamics relations that help advance music.

It's the little details that make the different between a good song and a great one. The lyrics are about a proud woman who thinks she has what it takes and no man can say no to her.

Marwa Nasr ; karim Mohsen / Making - Meen Da Eli Rafdny " Soon " ".

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

#Shit_Happens Listen: Bahaa soultan" Ana Mesh Handam I بهاء سلطان أنا مش هندم

Bahaa Soultan released a new song, a single from his upcoming album. We sort of did not miss him this year....he released a random album with social messages, and before that and after he was singing for the army to murder his fellow civilians. Now he is about to release the new album and I like the lead.

The lyrics are from his pal and producer for life Nasr Mahrous, who seems to have creative control over all elements of the album making, from lyrics, to recording to filming a music video for the hit songs. It's a slow dark song, I would have loved it if it had different music, it sort of kills the mood for me and I am like what the freak? I need a pillow.

I may like the yrcis that fight regrets and urge one to move on--do not dwell on the past. I like the message, but if you do not have good music, then you are wasting a good song

.. Bahaa soultan" Ana Mesh Handam I بهاء سلطان أنا مش هندم

Hassan Raddad, The Prettiest Egyptian Boy Toy

According to many ladies and media sources, the hottest male actor in Egyptian cinema is actor Hassan Raddad. The star of many TV dramas and movies, who will soon be starring in a Ramadan-timed show alongside Myrima Faris, the Lebanese songstress.

He is a handsome guy who always seems to dress right. He is an eye candy who went to school to study business in Cairo and then studied art. So he is back doing the media run talking up the show and the new project. Hassan shot to fame in 2006 when he appeared on a movie, a year later he starred in a TV drama along side Egyptian actor Nour Shrif. Keep on mind Hassan started in a film with Haifa Wehbe in 2009. So far, I have not seen him challenge himself beyond the good looking guy looking for a spouse roles. Some people talk smack about his attempt at comedy.

حسن الردّاد لـ"إيلاف": مشاركتي لميريام فارس ليست ردًا على هيفاء وهب