Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Mina Atta Perfects His Voice In A New Dark Romance Single @Mina_Atta_

Mina made waves on Star Academy and to my surprise he has one of the most dedicated fan base on the social media. They always let me know about their presence as loudly as they could. The young, tall and slim pop star from Egypt released a new single (written and produced by Amir Taema)

The title is straight out clever, A temporary state (status). The song is his calling card. The young artist is not talking about an album--smart not to work on one right now. Instead he is currently hosting a talk show with fellow Star academy graduate Rana Samah

It's a grownup dark romance tale. A change for Mina whose voice shows a lot of promise and his charisma has earned him all the love. The music in the song is pretty standard supporting role giving Mina room to hit the right notes. We are always up for a song that offers us companionship at the low points of our lives.

Mina comes from a rare breed of pop artists, his rise to fame made so many music fans happy as he is a member of minority group in Egypt that does not necessarily have it easy. Which helps explain the emotional reserve that Mina tabs for this song. The song summarizes "the funeral" phase of many love stories. Allow Mina to share his sorrow with you as you begin the healing.  
مينا عطا - حالة مؤقته | Mina Atta - 7ala Mo2akata

My Love Joins The Army #Syria Louna Fares' New Human Song

Louna Fares' love is headed to the army and she stands by her man and sings for him and his uniform. The Syrian songstress is out with a decent song that descries romance at the time of army draft. Army is in constant war in the Middle East it seems. No other army has been busier than that in Syria.

Louna tells her man that he looks good in a uniform and she promises to wait for him and prays that God will keep him out of harm's way. It's a sweet song that changes the conversation away from politics and faceless armies to individuals with lives.

I like the title and the beat. The song avoids the political crap and dives into the real human cost of war. Armies are made out of real people with families that cares for them. Fady Morjan wrote the lyrics and Aly Hassoun the music and production. You really did not need to know louna from Syria, you will hear it throughout the song.
.لونا فارس - عسكوري 2015 Louna Fares 3askoury

Najwa Karam Sides With Lebanon In A New Patriotic Song

The first lady of Lebanese pop Najwa Karam has spoken and when she speaks, we hear it loud and clear. This time she is not singing for the sake of romance, but this once she goes with Lebanon and its people. The song is written by her usual team Nizar Francis and Wissam Ameer did the music.

Najwa Karam is a proud lady from a proud people and this time, she sings for the state. She has sang many times before for the nation's army. I do not know if there's some national holiday in Lebanon, but the song comes now. Maybe since the government has not been working fully or that they have yet to have a president.

But none of that matters to Najwa as Lebanon soars high despite the lack of functioning government. The song came with a dedication to each citizen and person who puts his/her country first. This song is pretty safe for Najwa, but for those who like her in broader topics, she may left them behind with this one.
Najwa Karam - Kelmit 7a22 (Official Lyric Video) / نجوى كرم - كلمة حق

Monday, March 30, 2015

Arab Idol Haitham Khalaily Brings Out The Magic In North America (Video) @HaithamKhalaily

Haitham Khalaily is a talented young man with a strong voice and a good style. He also have a huge fan base that showers him with love and support. They are so proud of him and his songs, they should be. Haitham is also cursed as he tries to tell people he is not Assaf and Assaf is not him. So do not compare him.

If you had your own doubts about Haitham's skills, watch this live video from one of his concerts on his US and Canada tour. Haitham went with one of the hardest Arabic songs to fake, an old classic by the legendary one and the only Um Kalthoum. Al Atalal or the ruins, a song about a past romance. It's like taking a stroll down memory lane that's riddled with ruins of the past.

Haitham feels like an old soul coming from the golden years of Arabic Tarab music to remind us of the good times. He also comes package in a hip fashion that makes the social media falls in love with him as he makes out his path.  

I think he brings a rich texture to the Palestinian voice. Haitham comes from an unconventional background to win the hearts and minds of the Arab community. We need a bit of good news to face the flood of bad news coming from the area, Haitham's arrival to our shores may offer that breath of fresh air that reminds it, home can also brings smiles to our faces.

Will he stop in Washington, DC, I know I would love to interview him and see him perform live.
Haitham khalaily - هيثم خلايلة /Al Atlal -الاطلال/Arab Idol 2015 Canada and U.S.A Tour