Thursday, November 27, 2014

They Very Last Song of The Late Sabbouha

Lebanese actress and singer Sabah, an icon from the Arab World’s golden age of cinema, died in Beirut on Wednesday at the age of 87. The singer’s family confirmed the news in a Facebook post, reported Lebanon’s Daily Star newspaper.
In 2011, when she felt ill, she decided to record and release two new singles. She chose to air them home with the Lebanese radio network. Find her last known songs below. Keep on mind Sabah did have a wide range of styles. She did the cute girl songs which require lots of erngy, the Tarab style songs that required a lot of talent.
sabah ad ma fik صباح قد ما فيك امبسط بعمرك

صباح بدي رضاك

She first came to prominence in the fifties after coming to the attention of Egyptian film producer Asia Dagher. She went on to star in several high-profile films, including 1959’s Ataba Square and the acclaimed Egyptian comedy Soft Hands (1960).
Born Jeanette Feghali in the Lebanese town of Bdadoun, the singer became known by the name of a character she played in one of her earlier films. She was also affectionately known as “Sabbouha” by her millions of fans of across the Arab World, according to the AP.
The star became the second Arab singer after Egypt’s legendary Oum Kalthoum to perform at L’Olympia in Paris, Reuters reported. She was also the first Arab singer to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York and the Piccadilly Theatre in London. The Arab icon was a citizen of four different countries, including Egypt, Jordan, the U.S. and her native Lebanon, according to the BBC

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Ayman Alatar Returns With A Sweet 2014 Album @Ayman_Alatar

Libya might be a mess right now, but Libyan winner of the original Super Star Ayman Alatar is back in action with a loaded new album. The album has an amazing 17 tracks, some of his finest work to date and the cover promises to much joy.

Ayman disappeared for ten years and he resurfaced last year with a solid single that made us all ask this question, who the hell is this guy? That was Ayman Alatar, the skinny guy who is back to tell us all about love. This is a good album, but the music is not what makes it great, but rather the power of its lyrics, and the balanced and just right vocal performance by Ayman. It's true, the album is meant for the folks in the Gulf. Most of the songs speaks to them though the music is all over the place--mostly mellow.

There is a verity of tracks here, most of them are if not wonderful are decent....but it depends what your taste is. You know you have the last track which what gave Ayman the spotlight again "Ya Lazez" So, wish the guy well and let him into your headphones, you has a lot to offer and he is back so much force and most importantly with better production company.

2.Hal El Awadem
3.Law Zeal
4.Faz Qalbi
5.Eladel Elzalem
6.Ya Tarakni
7.Nesit Ahes
8.Thaman Senen
9.Towne Araftaha
12.Kel Elhaki
13.Aaqeb Nafsi
14.Enta Nazr
15.Ana Aatzer
16.Haza Qadrna
17.Ya Lazez

Ayman Al Atar ... Hal Al Awadem - Video Clip | أيمن الأعتر ... حال الأوادم - فيديو كليب

Rest In Peace Sabah Shahroura. Here's Her Last Music Video

She passed away, and the Arab world lost one of its biggest music and cinema talents. Sabah lived a long and eventful life. She is an iconic lady whose better songs were released decades ago. But Sabah never shied away from the spotlight and the press loved to publish stories about her. Sabah loved Egypt as a second country and she has toured the Arab world in concerts for years.

The music video was released with Rotana, a tribute song by the artist about live and the moments we treasure the most. Sabah did perform the song also on Star Academy when she visited the set. See the son below and remember she leaves this world on high note. Today her fans and the entire country of Lebanon mourn--but tomorrow we sill celebrate her legacy. The song is about the four season of life and how people recycle.

Keep on mind, they had a show about her life three years ago, the TV drama starred Carole Samah. May her soul rests in peace and our thoughts and prayers are with her family

Sabah Shou Fiha El Deneh صباح - شو فيها الدنى

Breaking: Golden Girl of Music and film Sabah "Shahroura" Dead at 87

The longest survival of the golden age of Arab cinema and movies is no more. Sabah has passed away today in Lebanon. There has been multiple rumors about her death throughout her career, but today this is confirmed.

Al-Nahar newspaper said the Lebanese diva passed away on Wednesday morning at her residence at the age of 87. The Lebanese official news agency cconfirmedher death, saying she passed away in Beirut. During her more than six-decade long career, Sabah, who was born as Jeanette Gergis Al-Feghali, released over 50 albums and acted in 98 films.

Real name Janet Girgis Faghali born on November 10th, 1927 in Bdadoun, a Lebanese town in the Baabda-Aley province.

She has been active in the entertainment industry for over six decades in half a dozen Arab countries. She held Egyptian, Jordanian and US citizenship as well as Lebanese, and continued to perform and make television appearances into her 80s.

She is reportedly the first Arabic singer who performed at Olympia in Paris, Carnegie Hall in New York, and Piccadilly Theatre in London and Sydney Opera House in Sydney, according to the Beirut-based Daily Star newspaper.

She is known for her multiple marriages, tying the knot with at least nine men. She brought out her first song in 1940, while her parallel screen career began three years later in Egypt, the centre of the Arabic film industry.

Sabah was nicknamed "Shahroura", Arabic for "singing bird" and "the Sabbouha," a diminutive for "Sabah" by millions of fans across the Middle East. Born to a father who owned a barbershop and operated two taxis, she came to memorize Lebanese folklore from her uncle Saad. She attended a Jesuit school where she and her sister acted and sang. Sabah is her fame name was actually chosen by a survey of what to call this talented young woman.

Not many cared much for her in her peers, but now they are all racing to write sweet words about her and pretend to care much for her. No doubt, they love her music, but toward her later days, many did not give her the attention she deserved.

Here's one of her last songs that was released in 2008 as duets.

Sabah & Rola - Yana Yana / صباح و رولا - يانا يانا