Monday, April 27, 2015

New Hits From Old Rock Stars! Medhat Saleh 2015 Album Is Pure Pop Gold

Medhat Saleh is a star for the ages, the Egyptian pop star whose music lit up the 80s and 90s is still rocking out as he releases a new album. The opinionated vocalist has a lot of juice in his 2015 album. I am amazed how much hard he works and how fresh he sounds with every album release. Medhat releases a new album every three years and he keeps it new.

take for example the eight tracks are all pleasant choices of songs that will brighten up one's day. But he went even further when new hits that even young artists are sitting in envy--listen to track number one and track number 2 and you are welcome. Both songs are below....while I love the album and each track, these songs are fresh and have not been performed before. Medhat went out and got a new lease on his career with these sweet songs that will have you shaking your head and moving our legs in joy.

Saleh is an amazing story-teller who makes solid choices and gets to stand out tall in this crowded music scene. Sure, he might not be hip, but he is always presenting some new material. He is a die-hard musician to the bone. He knows what fits him yet he keeps expanding that understanding. Like he just did with track number two in that lovably Egyptian dialect. He is the golden boy of the music industry and very few people will fight that. He is not going to shoot music videos, but what he will do is make the world a better place. Seriously, his voice makes driving one's car a lot more fun.

I had to write this post because I loved the album so much, while there are not too many stories on it, the man deserves credit fro hard-work that was done to please his fans. I celebrate his honesty about his failures when he wrote the music for an entire album that failed horribly. He said he was arrogant. He also talked about his seven marriages. The man has a gift in live performances where he just delivers a solid ten every time.

01 - 3yoon El Bent
02 - Gayeb Alby Ma3ya
03 - Estana
04 - Most3ed
05 - Mashe Fe Zelaha
06 - De Ghareeba
07 - Mats2lneesh
08 - Bokra Lama Yege (3ayesha)
برومو البوم مدحت صالح | استني | ٢٠١٥ | Medhat Saleh New Album Promo

مدحت صالح | ماشي في ضلها | البوم استني | 2015
مدحت صالح_جايب قلبى معايا بـ الكلمات 2015 Medht Saleh_Gayb Alby M3ya Lyrics

The Syrian Arab Idol Is About To Break Out! Hazem Sharif...Soon

The shy and good-looking young Syrian man who bagged the title for Arab Idol third season is about to release a new music video with a new song. Hazem Sharif just toured North America in a humble tour, but he has no original song to his name. He is about ti change that in a romantic song that is landing to planet earth soon.

Sure Syria is a mess right now, but it does not mean life has to stop inside it or outside. I like the one second we get to hear part of the song. Hazem is talented, he just needs to speak up and push himself a bit. Maybe this song will make him a star and maybe it won't. Hazem is no machine, but he has the voice to please your soul. The persona has yet to be defined, so let's wait and see.

حازم شريف - شوعاملي - قريباً | Hazem Sharif

Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Stupid Arab Guy Song By Tarek Al Atrash

Guys do stupid things all the time. All guys no question about it. When it comes to attracting females, they lose their minds and everyone in their mind think they are the greatest. But seriously where does all this confidence come form?

Maybe  the new music video for the single by Tarek Al Atrash will help explain the low IQ guys have around attractive females. They are dropping like flies near sweet things. Please note the street harassment and catcalling females. Guys think it's cool--I doubt females find it attractive. Those grown men are acting like boys and juveniles as they stalk this young woman.

Really? Following the lady into the hair salon is not romantic. Tarek Al Atrash has a good voice, but who the hell does she think he is? I guess the message from this music video the crazy one gets the girl. all you need to do is stalk her and do her hair.  Tarek is based in Dubai, a long way form home. Ever since he did that song about cigarettes and he is living large.

Keep on mind according to the song, Tarek does not mind becoming Scarface for the one he loves.
كليب ضربة موس - طارق الأطرش Clip Tarek Al Atrash

Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Most Random Song! Mohamad Iskandar & Moeen Shreif In "Soltan w Amir"

Two bros of Lebanese music get together and record a new duet. Watch Mohamad Iskandar joins Moeen Sherif in a new song. The one you do not see on this music video is the son Fares Iskandar who wrote the music and the lyrics.

I am clueless about this song, what's the subject? It just feels strange seeing these two guys talking about immigration and leaving the homeland behind. The two artists pledge not to abandon their homes despite growing in modest homes.  I like both artists, I just do not get this collaboration.

The song has a tricky title "A Sultan and a Prince" which makes the message all weirder. Maybe this is the title the artists think of themselves as.

Produced By: Fares Iskandar
Lyrics and Music By: Fares Iskandar
Arranged By: Omar Sabbagh
Mixing and Mastering: Mohamad Almakhour
Filmed and Edited By: Anthony Mrad
Mohamad Iskandar ; Moeen Shreif - Soltan w Amir [Music Video] / محمد اسكندر ومعين شريف - سلطان وأمير