Saturday, December 20, 2014

Women Can Have It All, Amal Maher As an Example

I like the voice of Amal Maher, in fact she is one of the finest voices in Egyptian pop that's becasue she did not get into it to be popular, she shot to fame years ago with her covers of oldie songs that we know too well. It took her years to sing her own songs, and this is why she has done it right, the Gulf adores her and keep asking her to sing for them in private functions and public. Egypt is crazy about her and her success of three years with the release of her second album were hard to ignore. And yes the mogul of Beruit love to have her on their shows--she just owned on Star Academy few days ago.

Amal Maher is now working on another album project, this would be a touch one as the last album from her was so perfect it makes making another great album an ever harder job. But Amal Maher has the IQ, the connections and the friends who will make sure she make all the right calls. And once again, she has time on her side--she can take all the time in the world. Summer of 2013 she came to sing for Egypt and its people--she did not seem partisan.

She demonstrated that it's possible to make good art and be commercially successful. She did the emotional, dramatic, romantic and upbeat dance songs--all without missing a heartbeat. She performed every song like it's a title song she does not rush and takes as many takes as it needs. And aside form the show businesses, she seems to be a loving mother and happily married.

Mesana Le Sana - photo - Amal Maher م السنه للسنه - صور - امال ماهر

اغنية امال ماهر - مكانك مش هنا | النسخة الاصلية | روعة

امال ماهر وزينب اسامة - البرايم 11 من ستار اكاديمي 9

Friday, December 19, 2014

Amr Mostafa Stole This Song! Here's How His Hit Song Is A Fraud (Video)

Panjabi Mc did have a good hit that traveled the world and was a dance favorite for about 12 months. An Egyptian hack composer took notice. So he ripped the song and broke down the melody, the notes, and rhythm. He took the song and reversed it, put some affects on it and boom, you have a proceed hit song in disguise.

It was a hit song used by the anti-democracy crowd in Egypt to celebrate yet another dictator to rule them all. They hired a UAE artist Hussien Jasmi to sing it for them, and a popular hack lyrics Ayman Bahgat Amar wrote the lyrics to the melody. And the trio won awards, and bragged about having worked on the most successful pop his in 2014.  
Unluckily for them, the internet showed us that the trio is a fraud. See the video below it will walk you through it and show you how this song was stolen from the Panjabi Mc. It makes it worse that this song was used to urge people to vote for Sisi--the tiny yet sneaky man who wanted to be president. But it should be no surprise that he too stole the presidency from a guy who now sits in a prison cell for no fault of his own.    

حسين الجسمي - بشرة خير | 2014 وفضيحة عمرو مصطفى (النسخة المسروقه) من Panjabi Mc

Scandal! More Naked Dresses On CBC Star Academy By @myriamfares

It has to be a record setting season for Star Academy. This is the third performance where the artist sports a questionable wardrobe. Sure many among us secretly admire such high and transparent fashion. Haifa Started the naked and revealing dresses that left little to the imagination. Then Maya Diab refused to be upstaged so she did wear a short dress and a head cove that looked like a Hijab. Naturally people were confused.

Now enter the stage Myraim Faris who appeared on the show and she chose two dresses, both were showing more of her body in a statement. The darker dress seems to reveal her bra. I guess this might be some marketing strategy, had she not wore these outfits, about ten outlets would talk about her appearance, but with the dress about a thousand would write up stories about her performance. Now, I like the songs she performed, but I think those ladies are breaking stereotypes and changing things up. I really no longer able to tell if this is an Arab TV or a Western one, it's like we have lost out soul to be unique.

At first the show and the network apologized about the naked dresses worn by Haifa, then now they did not brother to comment on this latest assault on entertainment geared toward young should and families.     

كيفك انت ميريام فارس ومينا عطا في البرايم 15 من ستار اكاديمي 10 - Myriam & Mina

بزمتك ميريام فارس في البرايم 15 من ستار اكاديمي 10 - Myriam Fares Star Academy 10 Prime 15

WATCH: Qatar 2015 Official Anthem "Live It" Handball- "أغنية قطر 2015 الرسمية "عيشها

I guess Qatar is hosting the world's championship for handball and many folks are excited about this big sporting event. Qatar is gearing up for the world cup in  few years, but they are doing smaller events to test the water. This explains this new song, a global hit song led by few singers from around the world. It breaks in English and then you get the idea.

This is how you do a sporting event song, not that Assaf 360 world cup song. This is a true celebration and I like the traditional Qatari hand drum that tells a story. I am in love with Arabic portion of the son g where half a dozen bright and young singers participate. Note, how the construction workers are also featured. And the Qatarti singer leads the Arab pack and he sings for Doha.

I wish they would use other languages beside English and Arabic. This is a cool party song where the production has been the work of Egyptian producer Hassan El Shafie. Egypt will be competing for the 2015 tournament. We will see them play along with other teams in January 15th 2015 along with 24 other countries.

The song does not fail to give you a quick tour of what Doha has in store for the guests. The flags on the drums is a nice finish.    

Qatar 2015 Official Anthem "Live It" - "أغنية قطر 2015 الرسمية "عيشها